Kyanite Meaning and Properties

Kyanite Meaning and Properties


Properties of Kyanite

Mineral Group



Blue, white, gray, green, colorless


White, colorless


Vitreous, pearly


Transparent to translucent


Faces are occasionally striated and perfect in two directions.

Mohs Hardness

Kyanite is frequently found as long, bladed crystals. The hardness of these crystals is 4.5 to 5 along their length and 6.5 to 7 across their breadth.

Specific Gravity

3.5 to 3.7

Diagnostic Properties

Color, cleavage, bladed crystals

Chemical Composition


Crystal System



Ceramics, gemstones


Throat Chakra

Kyanite Zodiac

Aries, Taurus, Libra

Numerical Vibration


Typical Colours

Blue, grey, black, green

Geologic Setting

Kyanite gemstone is an aluminosilicate polymorph; it is a part of the nesosilicate mineral group. It is formed by regional metamorphism of aluminous rocks such as mica schists. It is commonly associated with garnet, staurolite, and corundum. It's also found in eclogites (rocks with omphacite-type pyroxenes linked with pyrope-rich garnets) and kimberlite pipes with garnet-omphacite-kyanite occurrences.

Where is Kyanite found

You can find Kyanite anywhere regional metamorphism has occurred. The Kyanite shown below is from Ray Mica Mine in North Carolina. 

To find Kyanite near you, reference this page Kyanite localities. 



Metaphysical Meaning

Kyanite is a powerful stone for inner reflection and connection, helping you stay in harmony with yourself and the things around you.

Kyanite is an aluminosilicatepolymorph, and it contains the elements aluminum and silica. Since it has aluminum, this mineral does not hold bad vibrations or negative energy and hence does not require clearing. Because it's a polymorph, and has many forms it restores the yin-yang energy balance and dispels obstructions, transferring energy softly through the physical body. 

Lets dive into the polymorph meaning of this gemstone. There are three polymorphs Kyanite, Sillimanite and Andalusite. All have the same chemical composition but are distinct minerals based on the conditions under which they crystallize.

This is similar to our lives; we crystalize according to the conditions we experience. Whatever the emotional pressures & mental temperatures might be, we will experience metamorphism and crystalize into whatever we choose to be. 

Kyanite and the polymorphs have a relaxing impact on the entire being, balance and offering peace. 

Remember, all crystals contain energy that can be used to amplify your own intentions and manifestations through meditation and daily wear. 

Feng Shui Applications for Kyanite

Activate Kan, the Career Area
The Feng Shui Bagua map's Kan sector is associated with one's professional and personal goals. Particularly useful in the Kan sector of the house, kyanite may aid in the pursuit of a life's work that is both consistent with your values and ultimately satisfying. Place kyanite in the Kan position with the purpose of gaining insight into your professional destiny. Since the color black has been linked to this spot, placing a piece of black kyanite there might be quite beneficial.

Metal Element Activation
Feng shui theory attributes the traits of clear speaking and communication to the metal element, which may be encouraged through the use of kyanite. Metal is a good element to work with if you have trouble asserting yourself and your needs or beliefs. If you want to cultivate more of these metallic traits, you might try carrying a piece of kyanite with you.

The Water Element must be activated.
The water element in feng shui is associated with submerged knowledge and inward reflection. Kyanite is a stone of intuition and introspection, and it may help you reach new depths in both. Working with black kyanite can help you attract more water element traits into your life because of the connection between the water element and the color black.

Make a shield of grids to protect yourself
If you feel like you need additional security, a crystal grid might help. To achieve this, arrange a grid of four pieces of black kyanite—one in each of your home's four corners—with the goal that it will serve as a shield against any harmful or unwelcome energy.

Remodel Your Space to Be More Conducive to Meditation
For this reason, kyanite is a great stone to use while meditation since it brings about a sense of steadiness and peace. If you find it difficult to enter a meditative state, try putting a piece of kyanite where you often meditate.

Infuse Your Bedroom with Peace
One room in which you should strive to achieve a state of tranquility is your bedroom. To get the most out of your time here, you should decorate it in a way that helps you unwind and recharge. A bedroom adorned with kyanite is a fantastic way to tap into the stone's soothing influence. As a protective crystal, kyanite may aid those who have trouble sleeping and unwinding by placing it near the bed. If you wish to remember your dreams more clearly, keeping a piece of kyanite on your bedside may assist.

Get Your Office Started at Home
Kyanite enhances the attributes of focus, organization, tenacity, and expression, all of which are crucial in the business world. Making feng shui alterations to your home office is one approach to effect change in your professional life, as this space is symbolic of your career in feng shui. To take advantage of kyanite in your professional life, try keeping a piece of it on your work space.





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