The early days of my Voyage.

Posted by Vidal Dias on

The universe gives, and it takes, but life is resilient.

We all want life to be well defined and for things to make sense, but as we all know that isn't always the case. I totally believe this is possible because some people on this planet have such lives. I am compelled to share a few exerts from my life with you so you understand how my life has been up till now. 

So let's go!

We will start with a short memory in my adolescent years. On the surface I look like I have it all together but trust me everything I have, I worked hard for it. 

When I mowed lawns in high school to pay for my insurance and my cell phone. I'm very grateful for the community I had in my neighborhood who saw the light inside of me.
My adolescents years were a bit rough. My parents struggled behind the scenes but they painted a picture like things were okay. The custody battles between my mother and my father had quite an emotional impact but I found clarity and peace by creating

My step father had a rough childhood as well which resulted in him creating a harsh environment for rearing children lol. I literally was punished for everything.

At that age it does something to your spirit it make you not know what to do or how to act.

ut sense I went to a private school I can understand why they felt peer pressure to want to make others think their life was perfect.

Unlike my parents whom I do love for all of their flaws. l will never compare myself to anyone because we all have different voyages that we must take.

I found peace in high school by gardening and creating art.

I put myself through college while working multiple jobs and taking out tons of student loans to pay for my education, housing, car insurance, and phone bill.