VOYAgEr Vidal Dias and house music artist OMAIR team up to create the perfect hoodie that fuses the elements of music, art, science, and fashion.

The I Am CArBON hoodie is one of a kind, featuring the O from the OMAIR logo in the place of oxygen.  I don't believe it's a coincidence that Air is literally in OMAIR's name, and oxygen is essential for Carbon-based life forms to live. The music helps us feel, and feelings help us maintain emotional equilibrium. I want to help fans fully embody OMAIR's music by wearing it.

This new I Am CArBON design is my way of expressing a solid solution reaction.  In Geology, Solid solution occurs due to ions substituting for one another in a crystal structure. This process involves minerals reacting with other minerals in the solid-state to produce one or more new minerals.  Such processes take place during metamorphism and diagenesis due to changing temperature and pressure conditions. The three lines in the O of OMAIR's logo represent metamorphosis; it's his change from something to something else.

OMAIR and I met at a mutual friends wedding and learned he was a progressive house & trance artist.  I've always loved this music, so on my way home that night, I listened to his track "Who I Am" and immediately fell in love with the sound. His music has helped me in my personal life, so I think it was the universe & the divine that allowed us to connect that day. 

The theme of his music fits well with my creative ideas, and the metamorphosis of his sounds are directly related to VOYAgErs mission of blending arts and science. I believe that we are all connected on a deeper plane of existence, and that existence is Carbon.

We are the elements.

We are a perfect imperfection.

We are Carbon.

We are the Voyager Nation.  

You should defiantly check out his music. I included the link to his page below. 

This hoodie is comfy, soft, and perfect for the fall weather. It would make the perfect gift for your house music friends. You can order it now by clicking the link below:


OMAIR Music:




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