Voyager 24 piece gemstone collection

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The Voyager gemstone mineral collection includes 24 samples that are approximately 1.5-inches.

This collection of earth's physical-spiritual art is believed to help our minds stay grounded and in a state of creating positive energy.  Below are the minerals included with their spiritual symbolism. 

Click each mineral to learn about the science of how they were formed. 

  1. Smoky Quartz:  "grounding stone." 

  2. Tourmaline: "inspiration and happiness."

  3. Quartz Crystal: "The stone of concentration."

  4. Emerald:  "The stone of intuition."

  5. Blue Quartz: "The calming stone."

  6. Fluorite: "meaning & direction." 

  7. Amethyst: "purity." 

  8. Orchid Calcite: " promise.:

  9. Lepidolite: "transition."

  10. Tiger's Eye:  "spiritual protection."

  11. Mangano calcite: "tranquility."

  12. Black Obsidian: "spiritual clarity."

  13. Howlite: "spiritual transcendence." 

  14. Green Aragonite: "patience " 

  15. Hematite: " balance." 

  16. Rose Quartz: "universal love." 

  17. Orange Calcite: " joy." 

  18. Brown Obsidian: "gentleness." 

  19. Mookaite: " nurturing stone."

  20. Sodalite: " self-expression and confidence."  

  21. Diopside: "intellectual creativity." 

  22. Red Jasper: "empowerment" 

  23. Fuchsite: "rejuvenation." 

  24. White Aragonite: "spiritual purification."