Voyager I

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The Voyager 1 carbon-fiber travel pack is our flagship model of carrying devices.
The specialty-molded carbon fiber shell offers exceptional impact protection while maintaining an elegant profile and light carry weight. 
The zippers wrap entirely around the shell, allowing the pack to open up entirely if needed. The interior sleeve holds up to a 17" laptop, and the open compartment can be used to store other essential items that you might want to carry with you along your voyage. 

Customize your bag: 

You have the option to add your name to your Voyager pack. Our faces are all the same; our voyages are different. Life is a voyage defined by you, so own i


Behind the Design: 

Vidal's inspiration for this design is to blend the shield of a turtle with the strength of a rock.

"I was always intrigued by the unique patterns of turtles. The turtle shell is a highly complicated shield for the ventral and dorsal parts of turtles, completely enclosing all the vital organs. Along the voyager, we can never leave ourselves vulnerable. When I designed this bag, I was struggling with many things in my life, and I needed something that could represent my armor to help me remain mentally assertive to achieve results. So, I created my armor and plated with a lightweight carbon-fiber. We will all face challenges in our lives, so the element we carry , power our us along our daily voyages. "