Are Crystals Rock?

Simply said, a crystal is a mineral that exists independently and is not a component of an aggregated solid, such as a rock. Crystals are formed from lattice-like structures with structure. The result is a geometric, inorganic structure.

It is normal to refer to rocks as minerals, crystals as stones, and gemstones as rocks, but among rock hounds and gem enthusiasts, these terms have different connotations. Understanding these distinctions is necessary for choosing the appropriate mineralogy or combination.

A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic element, whereas a rock is the combination of two or more minerals. Crystallization refers to the crystalline structure of a mineral, and there are many different forms of crystals. Despite their closeness, the terms "mineral" and "crystal" are not synonymous.

Rock, on the other hand, is an aggregate of minerals with no defined chemical makeup. Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks are the three kinds of rocks: minerals ranging from pure substances to complex silicates. Petrology and mineralogy, two separate sciences, study rocks and minerals.

Although there is considerable debate over crystals' magical abilities, there is no denying that they produce vibrations. The chemical makeup of each crystal determines the frequency at which it vibrates. Practitioners of new age philosophy hold that "good vibes" are related to positive life changes.

What are your thoughts on the energies of crystals? What is your favorite crystal to practice with? 

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