Voyager is an eARTh science-inspired fashion brand. Our goal is to elevate the human spirit by fusing the elements of art and science to create wearable art that inspires all people to love the planet, themselves, and each other. 



Albert Vidal Dias is an African American artist, single - father, entrepreneur, and geologist. Born in Dallas, TX, in 1988, Vidal attended the Covenant HS, where he originally discovered his love for the arts. During high school, Dias competed in track, art, and photography competitions. He later earned his B.Sc in geology from Western Kentucky University in 2013. Initially beginning as a photojournalism major but changing to geology after falling in love with the earths' aesthetic beauty. 


Vidal Dias launched Voyager in 2016, debuting with the Voyager 1 hardshell carbon fiber backpack. Initially, the brand started because he could not find a bag suitable for both the office and his active lifestyle. The brand later expanded to apparel to engage people with science-inspired art; by using Dias' earth-inspired graphic creations to engage & inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. 






"I hope my art will inspire people to learn more about our planet; I believe this is essential for addressing the environmental issues we have. I also desire for my art to inspire the youth to keep chasing their dreams because life isn't going to hand us a free ticket, so we must remind life that we are life. . " - Vidal