Vidal Dias | Voyager



I create science-centered Carbon powered bags that exist to educate consumers about the rocks and minerals that shape our world. My background in geology and creative spirit inspires my creations; this also inspired me to select carbon fiber as my primary material. Carbon is the most diverse element on our planet because all living things are made of it. In geology, Carbon forms the structure for the hardest mineral, diamond, and the softest mineral graphite. Diamond, having a hardness of 10 and graphite with a hardness of 1. 

I used carbon fiber because I wanted to mimic the luster of a crystal.

Luster is the way light interacts with the surface of a crystal. The luster symbolizes the unique talents and skills we all possess that enable us to shine and be individuals.  It's these unique attributes that allow us to create our perfect Voyage.

Three stories bring my creations to life :

  1. The story of carbon-fiber
  2. The story of the design
  3. The story of my Voyage.

When you receive a Voyager bag, you begin to create a new story; and I love it when Voyager's share their stories with me. 😊

Life is a voyage we create; and, the elements we carry power us along the way.


Vidal Dias is the visionary behind Voyager. A deep fascination with science, aesthetic beauty, photography, and travel led Dias to an entrepreneurial career path that would combine all of these passions, Geology. As a Geologist, Dias traveled the globe and photographed his work, while simultaneously living out all of his passions. Along his voyages, he struggled to find a bag that is ethical, aesthetically appealing, functional, & affordable. 


Dias launched Voyager in 2016, debuting with the Voyager 1 hard-shell carbon fiber backpack. Vidal Dias is a native of Dallas, Texas, and he earned his Geology degree from Western Kentucky University. He spends his time traveling & fathering his two magnificent daughters. 


Learn more about Carbon on my blog.