Owner, Vidal Dias, is an African American Artist, Entrepreneur, and Geologist.

Co-Owner, Shelby Mayfield is an artist, yogi, and spiritual healer who combines all of her talents into creating apparel woven with intention.

Voyager is an EARTH science-inspired fashion brand. We fuse the elements of art and science to create wearable art to inspire all people to love the planet, themselves, and each other. We offer stylish activewear, carbon fiber bags, and crystals. We hope our art inspires people to love themselves. 

Earth and her creations inspire my activewear designs, specifically crystals. The elements that form the crystals are the same elements that form us as human beings. For that reason, I offer crystals for personal use in spiritual practice as a means of energy amplification and manifestation.

The inspiration behind the design of the carbon fiber bag was that diamonds are made of carbon, just as human beings are. The light hits the bag, and the material lusters like a crystal. The element carbon is also responsible for all life on earth. Just like the diamond our bodies are made of carbon. This similarity reminds us that we are all the same carbon darkness but with unique qualities that shine like a diamond. I believe the things we wear empower us. This piece encourages us to shine. 

Voyager focuses on sustainability within manufacturing; each item is made specifically for you after you place your order. By reducing overproduction, we make our carbon footprint as small as possible. I believe this is essential for addressing our environmental issues.

Inspiration is inevitable when you wear Voyager. Inspired people take action to create a better world for themselves and every living being around them.