Vidal Dias | Voyager


We create utilitarian, eco-friendly, and sophisticated carbon fiber bags for sentient carbon based life. My background in geology and passion to create awareness about ecological conservation drove me to select carbon fiber. 
I used carbon fiber to symbolize the luster of a crystal; Luster is the way light interacts with the surface of a crystal.  All of us posses a special talent or skill that allows us to shine in our own way. Our ability to shine through sports, business, writing, etc  is what defines our individuality...our individuality is it’s what makes us human.


Vidal Dias is the visionary behind Voyager. A deep fascination with science, aesthetic beauty, photography and travel led Dias to a career path that would combine all of these passions, Geology. As a Geologist, Dias traveled the globe and photographed his work, while simultaneously living out all of his passions.


During his travels, he struggled to find a backpack to fit his seemingly basic needs; light, weather-proof, eco-friendly, attractive and could easily fit underneath his seat. Dias decided to take on the challenge himself and designed his first bag, The Voyager X. With his creative passions flowing freely, Dias launched Voyager in 2016.


Vidal Dias is a native of Dallas, Texas and he earned his Geology degree from Western Kentucky University. He spends his time traveling and fathering his two magnificent daughters and showing them what is possible along life's voyage through his life.  
Our mission is to elevate the voyage of life with eco-friendly carbon fiber packs for sentient carbon based life.