Collection: Neso + Vitalis


This collection was inspired by olivines and garnets, which are a part of the Nesosilicate mineral group. But it was also inspired by corals, such as the pink sea fan coral and the blue coral.  Neso in latin translates to island goddess. Nesosilicates are known as island silicates; the silicate tetrahedra are separate from each other and bonded completely to non-silicate atoms. Olivine is an island silicate. 

Nêsô, an island goddess, existed once upon a time. She was strong but soft, smart but amusing, and solid yet lovely. Everyone on the island thanked Nêsô for the beauty and gifts she showered upon them.

Nêsô had always liked the water, so every night, she would transform into a gorgeous mermaid and explore the deep blue. She gave back to the islands daily by constructing new terrestrial and aquatic forests with magnesium-rich olivine to aid plant growth.

Nêsô, on the other hand, felt lonely and resolved to look for a mate. While she was playing in the waters one day, she noticed a gorgeous winged merman called Vitalis on the opposite side of the island. The Vitalis spotted Nêsô and recognized her kindness and bravery, so he approached her. Nêsô was captivated by his tenderness and generosity, and the two became inseparable very fast.

They used magical abilities and beneficent spirits to defend the island and its inhabitants. They spread love and light everywhere they went. They eventually found their ultimate home in the arms of the island they adored.

Even today, islanders talk about Nêsô's love story recalling her kind and beautiful personality that is constantly present on the island.