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Properties of Emerald

Emerald is the stone of alchemy because it's green color is caused by impurities of Chromium.  Emerald is a Beryl is a crystalline form of the beryllium aluminosilicate. A beryl crystal in its purest form is colorless and has the chemical formula Be3Al2Si6O18. However, if only 1% of the Al3+ ions in the mineral are alchemized with  Cr3+ ions, the mineral changes color to green and is then referred to as emerald (Be3Al2Si6O18:Cr3+).

Emerald teaches us to alchemize energy and improve ourselves.

Mineral Group



One direction - imperfect

Chemical Composition 

Emerald: Be3Al2Si6O18:Cr3+ 


Conchoidal to uneven




Transparent to translucent


Green, bluish green, yellowish green



Mohs Hardness

7.5 - 8

Specific Gravity

2.7 - 2.8

Diagnostic Properties

It is easily identified by its hexagonal crystal form and color. It differs from apatite in that it is harder, and it differs from quartz in that it has a higher specific gravity and symmetry.

Crystal System

Hexagonal - with a stong prismatic habit. 


Gem quality Emerald is used for jewelry. Non-gem quilty emerald is a commercial source of beryllium. Before 1925, beryl was only used as a gemstone, but since then, many important uses for beryllium have been discovered, including use as a neutron reflector or moderator in nuclear reactors, ceramic applications, space vehicles, and structural materials for high-speed aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and communication satellites.


Heart Chakra



Numerical Vibration


Metaphysical Uses 

“Purity and Strength”

Note: All crystals contain energy that can be used to amplify your own intentions and manifestations through meditation and daily wear.

Origin of Color

Emerald’s green color is derived from it absorbing Cr3+ion.


It is most commonly found in granitic rocks or Be-rich pegmatites. It may also be found in mica schists and associated with  tin ores. The best emeralds in the world are discovered in Colombia in a black bituminous limestone, with the most prominent sites being Muzom Cosquez and Chivor. Other locations.




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