Vesicular Basalt Meaning & Properties

Vesicular Basalt Meaning & Properties

Vesicular basalt or lava stone is a dark-colored volcanic rock with numerous tiny pores known as vesicles. A vesicle is a tiny hollow in a volcanic rock created by the growth of a trapped bubble of gas inside the lava.

One's connection to Mother Earth may be strengthened through the use of Lava Stone, which is a grounding stone. Because it is the first stone to form from molten rock, it encourages the development of new growth and beneficial changes. 

It is also the stone of fertility because the ash and magma from the eruption are very rich in elements essential for plant growth! The soil around volcanoes is often some of the most fertile on the planet. The seeds are dispersed across the surface of the ground by the wind and the animals, and eventually the mountain may be completely overgrown with vegetation.

It's connected to fortitude and bravery, which enables us to remain stable even in the midst of upheaval. It gives us direction and an awareness of the issue when we are in a position where we need to "bounce back." Calming to the spirit, this stone can be of great assistance in overcoming anger. 

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