How to care for your recycled bikini

How to Make Your Recycled Bikini Last Longer

Do you own an all-over print recycled string bikini? If you do, you've already made a choice that's as stylish as it is sustainable. But even the best swimwear can't take care of itself. Here are some tips to keep your bikini in top shape for as long as possible, ensuring that it remains a go-to piece in your summer wardrobe season after season.

First up, always rinse your bikini after use. Whether you've been swimming in the ocean or a pool, it's crucial to wash off any salt or chlorine. These elements can break down fabric fibers over time, causing your suit to lose both its strength and vibrant color. A quick rinse under cold, fresh water can do wonders, so don't skip this step.

Consider your cleaning products. While tossing your bikini in the washing machine might seem convenient, hand washing is the better way to go. Use a gentle, eco-friendly detergent that cleans without being harsh. Traditional detergents can be tough on delicate swimwear fabrics, stripping away colors and damaging the material.

Be mindful of where you dry your bikini. Avoid laying it out to dry in direct sunlight or near high heat sources like radiators. Excessive heat and UV exposure can fade the fabric and cause it to stretch out. Instead, dry your bikini flat on a towel in a shaded, cool area to maintain its shape and color.

Rotate your swimwear. Just like shoes, bikinis need a break. Using the same one repeatedly can cause it to wear out quickly. By rotating through different options, you give the fabric of each bikini time to rest and return to its original condition between wears.

Store it right. Make sure your bikini is completely dry before putting it away to prevent mold and mildew from developing. Fold it gently and tuck it away in a cool, dry drawer away from sunlight. Hanging your bikini by the straps can stretch them out, so folding is the way to go.

Taking care of your recycled bikini doesn't just extend its life; it also supports your commitment to sustainable fashion. So next time you head out for a swim, remember these tips. They'll help you keep your swimwear looking great, and you'll feel good knowing you're making a difference. Happy swimming!

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