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Neso + Vitalis TetraTech Performance Tee

Neso + Vitalis TetraTech Performance Tee

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Introducing the Vitalis Active Wear Shirt from the sought-after Neso + Vitalis collection. A testament to the pure athletic design, this shirt brings together performance and comfort, backed by the latest technological advancements.

The standout design feature of this shirt is the signature nesosilicate tetrahedron positioned at the center of the chest. This emblem, a nod to the original Vitalis collection, symbolizes strength and resilience, embodying the spirit of active individuals.

The shirt's composition is a carefully chosen blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This particular combination offers a four-way stretch sports mesh fabric, providing ultimate flexibility and movability. Enjoy the soft, smooth texture that feels like a second skin, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your physical activities.

But the Vitalis Active Wear Shirt isn't just about looks and comfort; it's also packed with functionality. It boasts the MaxDri moisture management system, designed to keep you dry by effectively wicking away sweat. Furthermore, the MicroBlok anti-microbial fabric inhibits the growth of microbes, ensuring freshness and reducing unpleasant odors.

This shirt is designed with a comfortable fit in mind, perfect for a variety of activities, from strenuous workouts to casual outings.


"Sustainable Production: Crafting with Care for a Greener Future"
Upon placing your order, this product is thoughtfully crafted exclusively for you, prioritizing personalized quality while considering the environment. By creating products on demand instead of in bulk, we actively contribute to reducing overproduction and its impact on our planet. This sustainable approach helps minimize waste and conserve resources, making a positive difference for our shared environment. We appreciate your conscious purchasing choices and thank you for supporting this eco-friendly initiative!



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  CHEST (inches)
XS 36 ¼
S 37 ¾
M 39 ⅜
L 42 ½
XL 45 ⅝
2XL 48 ⅞
3XL 52
  CHEST (cm)
XS 92
S 96
M 100
L 108
XL 116
2XL 124
3XL 132
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